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Team Meka

Hello Everyone,

The time has come again! Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Walk!

As I sit here, collecting my thoughts to write my story, tears begin to flow! Not because I feel sorry for myself, but for the blessing that I have received and continue to receive through friends, family and all my loved ones. As some of you already know, I have been diagnosed with a rare diseased called, Scleroderma since 2012. This disease is a chronic illness that affects the many organs within the body. The primary cause of death and is due to organ failure. The depending on the type of Scleroderma a person has, it can affect you internally and externally. Internally is due to organ failure and externally is due to the hardening of the skin, inflamation of the hands, tingling of the hands and feet, rashes your body, etc. The two types of Scleroderma is called, diffuse and the other is called systemic. Systemic is the more chronic type because it tends the attack the organs. I have been diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma 5 years ago, in which my lungs have been affected by this illness. The doctor has put me on 12 pills a day to gain control this illness. My feet and hands were swollen and I had a persistent cough weeks that I coundn't control. So... as I began to take this enormous amount of meds I started to feel better, but as the years went on, I noticed that some of these meds were causing me to feel drowsy, unbalanced, etc. So, I decided to take control and decided eliminate the meds intake all together after 3 years. I say that to say, through the grace of god, I have been off of all those meds for 2 years and I feel better than ever. When I take my pulmonary test, the doctors are amazed that my breathing results are 99.0% without the meds. I'm not going to lie, I had to pop a pill or 2 here and there, LOL! but I'm still in control of this illness.

With all that this illness comes with, I have realized I am here for a purpose. The lord said, " I am not ready for your yet". And in that conversation that's when I realized what my true purpose was....which is to change lives. Whether an adult or child I'm here to help those in need. As I looked back on my journey for 2016-present. I changed many lives of our young children, whether through, Moms of Ballers, counseling, lending an ear or shoulder to those who were and are in need. I thought, if the lord takes me away, many of those in need will suffer and that can't happen. They need me as much as I need them. This is the only way I can remain alive and healthy! I do what I do not for money but to be able to help others and be remembered for changing lives for those in need of someone who cares1

The only thing I ever want is a cure! A cure in order to continue to change lives for others.

So what all that said, I will be walking on Sunday, June 11th 2017 at Riverside park located at 96th street along. Last year, I have raised over $6,000 and didn't even know it. They sent me a trophy for my accomplishments. I cried with such happiness because I didn't realize I raised so much money with the support of friends and family. This year, I REALLY need all my friends to come out to WALK with me and DONATE. My GOAL this year is to raise $8,000. Scleroderma Awareness month is in June and I am currently raising money to help find a cure. I'm asking you all to help me to spread awareness and supporting the cause You can donate by going on my page or by going on and clicking on " TEAM MEKA". You can also register to walk on the same site as well. Please help us find a cure. Our lives matter! Thank you and god bless you all! I AM GOD SENT!


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