Azt A Kutyafáját, Scleroderma Team Page

2019 Stampede Scleroderma, Stepping Out

Azt A Kutyafáját, Scleroderma

Welcome to team Azt A Kutyafáját, Scleroderma!

Since I know you were wondering, "azt a kutyafáját" is a Hungarian expression meaning "shame on you" or "darn it!" that my Little Grandma used anytime she wanted to express displeasure. As such, I figured there was no better name for our team than this to express our extreme displeasure with this terrible disease. 

As your captain I am here to spread cheer, support and encouragement (and to take ALL the pics at the event). We will be meeting at the Detroit Zoo at 7am on Sunday June 2 to take pics, get registered, listen to speakers, and get to getting! Once we are all done with the walk or run we will frolic about the zoo briefly and then be about our business. 

Thank you all so much for joining me in this group effort! If you have any questions/concerns I can be reached by phone at (586) 719-4505 or by email at

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