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Fundraisers raise more than funds

They raise HOPE for a cure. They raise HOPE for those living with scleroderma that they will have a better quality of life.


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Whether you are throwing a party, running a race or have a unique fundraising idea, you can become a “HOPE Raiser” and support thousands of people living with Scleroderma and help in the search for a cure! Choose your event below and set up your personal fundraising page.

* For questions on setting up your page, please contact specialevents@scleroderma.org



For the last 7 years, The Ciszon family has hosted the Tournament of Non-Champions to honor a beloved member of their family who recently passed away due complications from scleroderma. This annual golf tournament is a fun event that started 7 years ago with just 15 golfers and now hosts more than 100 golfers.

It has grown not only in participants but in dollars raised. In 2016 they raised over $60,000. Participants enjoy on-course competitions, raffle prizes and more! Many golfers show up decked-out in teal and the day even includes a unique “Tournament of Non-Champions” teal trophy for the winner!

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Badge of Honor Julia Ceresnak ($38,261.50)
  2 -  Badge of Honor Katelyn Ciszon ($21,521.00)
  3 -  Badge of Honor Marty Ciszon ($19,283.00)
  4 -  Badge of Honor Nicole Campbell ($17,104.00)
  5 -  Badge of Honor Susannah Nfonoyim ($13,511.00)
  6 -  Badge of Honor Timothy Wilcots ($9,341.44)
  7 -  Badge of Honor Adam Straub ($4,880.00)
  8 -  Badge of Honor Elizabeth Kappes ($4,402.00)
  9 -  Badge of Honor Mindy Quiat ($2,886.00)
  10 -  Badge of Honor Caitlin McCaffrey ($2,718.00)

PLEASE NOTE THAT HOPE RAISER PAGES CANNOT BE USED TO SELL MERCHANDISE. Contact our Development Department at (800) 722-HOPE (4673) or specialevents@scleroderma.org with any questions regarding this policy.

If you would like the donations raised from your Hope Raiser to benefit a specific Scleroderma Foundation chapter, email specialevents@scleroderma.org with your request, the name of your Hope Raiser and the chapter information.