Rocky Mountain Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Adventure

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Conquer the Peaks Challenge

Want to summit a few of Colorado’s 14ers “virtually”? Here’s how!

Between now and June 29th join my team to conquer one or more of Colorado’s 14ers in person or virtually. Pick the 14er you would like to climb and let me know which one(s) you select (email me at ). Our team goal is to conquer all 58 Colorado’s 14er’s!

Keep track of the number of steps you take while walking/running (log your steps on your phone or favorite app). To make it feel even more like climbing a 14er, you can walk/run up the stairs. It can be done in one day or over several days. Send me a screen print of your steps log when you have conquered the 14er and if you would like to conquer another one.  See below for suggested Apps to log steps and a 14ers chart with the number of steps.

Be sure to take a photo or a quick video of you when you are “climbing” the 14er (it’s always good to have a buddy when trying to summit a 14er!). Send photos and videos to and post on social media with the hashtag #scleroadventure. Challenge others to join you! Help us raise awareness and funds to fight scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that has affected me for over 24 years.

Help me reach my fundraising goal of $2500 by registering for my team and joining my virtual challenge. Just click on “Join My Team” to get started.

Let’s conquer the 14ers to conquer and cure scleroderma!

Or, if you are able, please consider supporting me and the scleroderma community with a donation to my team. The money raised will be used to fund research, to support patients, raise awareness and ultimately find a cure for the disease. Whatever you can give will help – it all adds up. To donate, click on “Support Team Shephard”.

Thank you so much for your support!!



Free Apps to Log Steps:

Fitbit (phone app)

14er                                 Roundtrip                        Steps
Handies Peak               5.75 mi                 11,500
Grays Peak                   7.50 mi                 15,000
Quandary Peak             6.75 mi                 13,500
Mt. Elbert                     9.50 mi                 19,000
San Luis Peak             13.50 mi                 27,000
Pikes Peak                 24.00 mi                 48,000
Mt. Sherman                5.25 mi                 10,500
Mt. Bross                     3.25 mi                   6,500
Mt. Cameron                4.75 mi                   9,500
Mt. Lincoln                   6.00 mi                  12,000
Mt. Bierstadt                7.00 mi                  14,000
Mt. Democrat               4.00 mi                   8,000
Torreys Peak                7.50 mi                 15,000
Huron Peak                  6.50 mi                 13,000
Culebra Peak                5.00 mi                 10,000
Mt. Princeton                 6.50 mi                 13,000
Redcloud Peak              9.00 mi                 18,000
Mt. Evans                     5.50 mi                  11,000
Mt. Belford                   8.00 mi                  16,000
Uncompahgre Peak       7.50 mi                  15,000
Mt. Shavano                 9.00 mi                  18,000
Humboldt Peak            11.00 mi                 22,000
Mt. Columbia               11.50 mi                 23,000
Mt. Yale                        9.50 mi                 19,000
La Plata Peak                9.25 mi                 18,000
Sunshine Peak             12.25 mi                 24,500
Missouri Mountain         10.50 mi                 21,000
Mt. Massive                  14.50 mi                 29,000
Mt. Oxford                   11.00 mi                 22,000
Tabeguache Peak          11.00 mi                22,000
Mt. Antero                    16.00 mi                 32,000
Mt. Harvard                  14.00 mi                 28,000
Mt. of the Holy Cross     12.00 mi                 24,000
Conundrum Peak          13.50 mi                 27,000
Castle Peak                  13.50 mi                27,000
Challenger Point           12.50 mi                 25,000
Windom Peak               17.00 mi                34,000
Ellingwood Point            17.00 mi                34,000
Blanca Peak                  17.00 mi                34,000
Mt. Sneffels                    6.00 mi                12,000
Mt. Lindsey                     8.25 mi                16,500
Kit Carson Peak             14.50 mi                29,000
Wetterhorn Peak              7.00 mi                14,000
Longs Peak                   14.50 mi                29,000
Wilson Peak                  10.00 mi                20,000
North Eolus                    16.75 mi                33,500
Mt. Eolus                       17.00 mi                34,000
El Diente Peak               15.00 mi                30,000
Crestone Peak               14.00 mi                28,000
Maroon Peak                 12.00 mi                24,000
Crestone Needle            12.00 mi                24,000
Snowmass Mountain       22.00 mi                44,000
North Maroon Peak          9.25 mi                18,500
Pyramid Peak                 8.25 mi                 16,500
Mt. Wilson                    16.00 mi                 32,000
Sunlight Peak               17.00 mi                 34,000
Little Bear Peak             14.00 mi                28,000
Capitol Peak                 17.00 mi                34,000


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