Rocky Mountain Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Adventure

Vertical Cure

Vertical Cure is a fundraising ski and snowboarding event challenging participants to ski as many vertical feet as possible in one day. 

1. The participate: Join Vertical Cure

2. Set up your personal fundraising page and link up a Facebook fundraiser. 

2. Hit the slopes any day between February 19th and March 15th. Track your vertical feet using an app such as Ski Tracks, Mountain Hub or Strava. **Tip, bring a phone charger!** Take photos and video to post on social media. #ScleroAdventure #VerticalCure  At the end of the day, take a screen shot of your final vertical feet. Share your achievement on social media and challenge others to join team Vertical Cure and beat you! 

3. Email a screen shot of your final vertical feet as tracked by your app. Also send some photos from your day. 

4. Winners will be announced on March 16th. Categories include most vertical (Man, Woman, Teen and Youth 12 and under), and top fundraiser. 


Our goal is to raise awareness of scleroderma - a chronic, autoimmune tissue disease that currently does not have a cure - as well as secure charitable pledges to support the scleroderma community and find a cure for the disease.

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