Stampede Scleroderma 2021

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Fifty million Americans currently suffer from autoimmune diseases, with autoimmunity being an underlying cause of more than 100 chronic illnesses. The number of people suffering from autoimmunity is higher than the number of cancer and heart disease cases combined. Yet despite these statistics, the autoimmune disease population is often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Scleroderma is one of them. In Michigan, we have over 10,000 people living with scleroderma.

In Latin, "scleroderma" translates directly to "hard skin," which is exactly what the illness is. An overproduction of collagen causes the skin to harden. And in the most severe cases, internal organs including the lungs, kidneys, heart and GI tract can harden, too. This makes living with scleroderma challenging and often debilitating.

Scleroderma affects men, women and children, ranging in severity from mild to life-threatening. Although medication can slow the disease's progression and relieve symptoms, there is currently no known cause or cure for this life-threatening disease.

Just by registering to walk a mile or run a 5K on June 7th, you not only get a FREE ticket to the Detroit zoo, a FREE t-shirt, and so much more... but you get the satisfaction of knowing your helping those affected by scleroderma in such a huge way.

If you can't make it to the walk, please donate even just $5-$10. You can even venmo me @itsashlen.

Your donation will help us stampede toward a cure :)

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