Hope Raisers

Raising Hope for a Cure

Fundraisers raise more than funds

They raise HOPE for a cure. They raise HOPE for those living with scleroderma that they will have a better quality of life.


The Ciszon Family

For the last 7 years, The Ciszon family has hosted the Tournament of Non-Champions to honor a beloved member of their family who recently passed away due complications from scleroderma. This annual golf tournament is a fun event that started 7 years ago with just 15 golfers and now hosts more than 100 golfers. It has grown not only in participants but in dollars raised. Participants enjoy on-course competitions, raffle prizes and more! Many golfers show up decked-out in teal and the day even includes a unique “Tournament of Non-Champions” teal trophy for the winner!

The Ciszon’s family lost a beloved mother, wife, grandmother and friend in 2016 and they continue to honor her each year with this unique event. Marty Ciszon wrote, “We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and contributions. It’s truly an amazing experience to see so many people come together for a single cause and have such a tremendous impact and not to mention to do so while having an absolute blast together at the Tournament of Non-Champions!”

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Whether you are throwing a party, running a race or have a unique fundraising idea, you can become a “HOPE Raiser” and support thousands of people living with Scleroderma and help in the search for a cure! Choose your event below and set up your personal fundraising page.

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