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Shop to stop scleroderma.

Did you know you can support the Michigan Chapter just by shopping? Our products are not only useful, they help spread awareness for the scleroderma community. So go ahead—have yourself a spree to stop scleroderma.

For ordering information, contact Executive Director Laura Dyas at LDyas@scleroderma.org.

Knit Hat

Suffering from a case of cold ears? This is typically a sign you need to support the Scleroderma Foundation with a nice, warm hat.



Fingerless Mittens

Hands warm? Check. Finger freedom? Check. Supporting the Scleroderma Foundation? Double check.



Tervis Bottle

Guaranteed for a lifetime to keep drinks hot and cold. It also happens to fight scleroderma. Why drink from anything else?

$20.00-$27.00 (with handle)


The Gift Within - Margie Kugler

Find encouragement and strength within the pages of Margie Kugler's novel. It's filled with affirmations, dedications and poems for people with scleroderma.

Purchase on Amazon


The Holistic Approach to Stress - Dr. Ashraf Girgis

In today's non-stop culture, it's hard to go a day without feeling stressed. Luckily, you can read up on Dr. Ashraf Girgis' tips to get to the root of the problem.



Path to Love - Dr. Ashraf Girgis

In a world filled with hate, it's good to step into the Path to Love. Dive into this 38-poem collection to find the beauty of here and now.



The Holistic Approach to Autoimmune Diseases - Dr. Ashraf Girgis

With evidence-based information about food, nutrition, herbs, and environment, Dr. Girgis brings ancient wisdom together with 21st-century science in the hopes of connecting the dots regarding the cause of autoimmune diseases.



Ice Cooler

Long day? Treat yourself to a chilled refreshment from this Scleroderma Foundation ice cooler.




Carry a cause (and your belongings) on your back with this spacious, Scleroderma Foundation backpack.



Scleroderma Bracelet

Some may wear gold or silver. Others wear a cause.