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Reach for the Cure – Advancing Scleroderma Research

The need is great.  The time is now.  The choice is yours.


For 20 years, the Scleroderma Foundation has funded scientists and their research into the cause and cure of scleroderma, offering the hope of treatment to the 300,000 people living with the disease. Attracting new and talented researchers has been a signature success of the Foundation; launching careers reaching for the cure. Moreover, retaining those researchers is equally important if we are to sustain the momentum created by our generous donors.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, the Scleroderma Foundation is launching the “Reach for the Cure” campaign to generate more resources to attract and retain new research talent.  The Foundation offers seed monies to new investigators to develop data to qualify for larger grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

 We sit on the threshold of the future. You can help us move quickly to capitalize on the momentum our donors have spent 20 years building. Let’s celebrate our 20th anniversary together by launching a new era of scientific discovery and drug development to treat and to cure scleroderma. What we need are increased resources to fund dramatically more research. The need is great. The time is now. The choice is yours.

Please join us as we reach for the cure by giving generously to the Scleroderma Foundation’s research effort.