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Scleroderma Foundation
National Patient Education Conference

Thank you to all who attended the 2019 conference in Chicago!!

The 2020 National Conference will take place July 17-19 in Bellevue, Washington, to the east of Seattle, across Lake Washington.  

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Conference Scholarship Program

The deadline to apply for a conference scholarship was March 20.  Decisions regarding scholarship awards were announced in April.  If you have any questions, please call (800) 722-4673.

Reasons Why You Should Attend the National Patient Education Conference

  • Understand how to cope with the emotional challenges of living with scleroderma
  • Develop strategies for staying motivated
  • Meet people who want to take charge of their scleroderma, their health, and their lives
  • Build a support network and talk with others who share similar experiences
  • Learn about current therapies from the medical community
  • Be empowered to become a more effective partner in your own health care
  • Discover ways to increase public awareness of the disease
  • Make new, long-lasting friendships

About the National Conference

Did you know that the actual per person cost of hosting the conference is more than $700? We would like to thank our corporate sponsors and donors for helping to reduce the cost for participants.

The Annual National Patient Education Conference offers educational and networking opportunities for people living with scleroderma, their caregivers, family members and friends. We also offer a juvenile program at the conference that is open to juvenile patients, their siblings or even the child of an adult patient.

Workshops, panel discussions and other educational sessions are led by leading scleroderma researchers and healthcare professionals. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had scleroderma for many years, the National Conference is a great way to learn about the disease and become connected with others that are dealing with scleroderma.

With more than 60 workshops, dozens of exhibitors and the chance to meet other patients and caregivers, the weekend's activities offer an excellent opportunity for attendees.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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