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Runners On A Mission
Runners On A Mission

Runners On A Mission - Team Vicky

Thank you for visiting my Team Fundraising page to support the "Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma" event!

About Runners on a Mission - Team Vicky

First off, I am not a runner, I walk. But... I used to love running. I was never fast but I was willing, willing to start and willing to keep going. I do miss the outdoor runs, feeling the different seasons in the air as it hits my face, finishing a dreading run, and seeing the beauty in the trees that would surroung the trails, the beach view from a mountain top or having the unexpected experiences as when you find deer crossing your path or dodging a ton of mosquitos on a humid hot day! Those were my glory days. I stopped running due to the limitations I was given by the univited, Scleroderma. A disease that can effect the skin, the lungs, the muscles, the GI tract, and so on.

Well my sister was a runner too. She came up with Runners On A Mission to describe her runs. The mission is what you want it to be really. She had her own missions, but after I was diagnosed is when she started making it part of her missions, to help find a cure for Scleroderma and raise awareness.  

With your help we can raise awareness and make this event known in our community. Let people who are living with Scleroderma know, they don't fight alone!

Join us in our mission to bring more awareness to scleroderma so we can find a cure!

Simply click on “Join My Team” and follow the directions.

Our team sincerely appreciates your support, and we ask you to please share this with anyone who you think might want to help.

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