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2017 Stepping Out Westchester NY (Tri-State Chapter)

Cazzy's Crew

Thank you for visiting my Team Fundraising page to support the "Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma" event!

It will be 10 years this August since Greg and I have lost our mom to Scleroderma. Besides the normal childhood memories that most children have, we also have memories of taking the bus into the city to see Dr's. In the begining, the appointments were to figure out what she had...after that was determined, it was to see what medications could help her. I remember the day that she threw her basket of medications away and said "They have no clue how to fix me and non of this is working, I'm done with all the pills!", there had to be at least 20 different medications in that basket. She chose to live her life to the absolute fullest every day because she didn't know how many days she had. She was nothing short of amazing and we are so beyond lucky to be able to call her Mom. 

Greg and I are blessed with the best family and friends that have made up our support system through this entire experience. You have all been there to share your stories about her that have made us laugh, listened when we felt lost and needed to vent and shoulders to cry on when we had no words. There really isn't anything we can say or do to show us our sincere gratitude, but, we wouldn't have been able to get through the last 10 years without you and we can't get through the next 10 without you either.

It will be a great time for us to all come together and celebrate her life and all that she represented: Strength, kindness, love and hope. With all that being said, we hope that you will come walk with us on June 11th! Of course, we don't expect that everyone can make it and  for those of you that can't, you will be with us in spirit.

If you would like to walk with us join our team click Join Team to register. If you cannot make the walk and would like to donate click Support Cazzy's Crew. We thank you in advance for your support and love!


All our love,

Melissa, Greg, The Melia's and the Marotta's

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