2017 Stepping Out Westchester NY (Tri-State Chapter)

Adriane's Network

Thank you for visiting my team page. I hope you will join "Adriane's Network" and walk with us on June 11th! I am anticipating a wonderful day. I hope you will help in the fight against this awful disease by making a donation to my team- any amount is appreciated!  Just click the button on the left “Support ‘Adriane's Network” and follow the steps.


You can visit my personal page with my personal story by going to www.scleroderma.org/goto/adrianesnetwork 


Thank you so very much! See you on June 11th- Love, Adriane

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Print a Donation Form to Mail-in Your Gift

If you would like more information about scleroderma or the Tri-State Chapter, please go to www.SclerodermaTriState.org.


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