2017 Stepping Out Hartford CT (Tri-State Chapter)

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Thank you for visiting Team Coatal Cruisers' page supporting the "Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma" event!

We are walking in support of Sandra.  Here is a message from her explaining her experience with Scleroderma.

My name is Sandra and I have had scleroderma for 25 years. I was diagnosed on Feb 28th 1992, after several months of biopsies and tests. It began when I woke up after a championship volleyball game and found my right arm purple, very painful, and me unable to move it. I was 25, very athletic, and playing many sports. I went to my orthopedic surgeon who sent me for several tests and then sent me to a rheumatologist for more tests. This is also the 25th anniversary of my father’s death from cancer. He was towards the end of his battle, when I began mine.

After all the test results came back, I met with my doctor and he said that I had scleroderma. “Ok. How do we fix this?” I asked. He looked at me and said “I wish we could fix this. There is no cure for this disease, nor is there any way we can we treat it to put in remission.” Stunned, I looked at him, "Is this like cancer?" He replied, "yes and no. You will see the effects and experience different problems as time goes by. While there is no medication to stop the progress of this disease, I can treat your pain as the changes to your body happen.” I asked, “Is this fatal? How long do I have to live?” With a sad troubled look, he replied, “life expectancy is about 5 years but you may end up in a wheelchair before that because this scleroderma hits major organs and turns your body into stone.” I looked him in the eye and responded, "I will not be in a wheelchair, I promise you that." I asked him if I had to stop playing sports and doing all the other great things I loved. He said "Keep doing what you love to do. Your body will tell you when you can't do it any longer."

Many years have passed. I have had many changes to my body, both visible and invisible. I lost my father in June of the year I was diagnosed. I will not give in no matter the pain or changes I see every day when I look in the mirror. This walk is for research to battle this horrific decease. Though scleroderma has taken a toll on my body, research can find ways to slow down the process for me and everyone else that has this horrible disease. I thank each and everyone of you for your support!!

Donating through this site is simple, fast, totally secure and it's the most efficient way to contribute to team Coastal Cruiser's effort to raise money for people living with scleroderma. To donate, click on one of the team members to make a gift towards their personal goal which is linked to our team goal.

If you would like to join our team at the event, walk and/or help raise funds, please click on “Join My Team” and follow the instructions.

Team Coastal Cruisers appreciates your support, and we ask that you share our page with anyone who might want to help.



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