About the Scleroderma Foundation

When you walk, you support hundreds of thousands of adults and children who cope with scleroderma. Please join the Greater Chicago Chapter to help raise money and support our mission!

  1. SUPPORT: To help patients and their families cope with scleroderma through mutual support programs, peer counseling, physician referrals, and educational information.
  2. EDUCATION: To promote public awareness and education through patient and health professional seminars, literature, and publicity campaigns.
  3. RESEARCH: To stimulate and support research to improve treatment and ultimately find the cause of and cure for scleroderma.

The Greater Chicago Chapter serves Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. For more information, visit our website

This is the 4th annual Reason to Rock Fun Walk and 50's Fest. It reaches hundreds of individuals from the western suburbs and raises critical funds for the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Chicago, one of the leading funders of scleroderma research. The day begins with a fun walk around the Northwestern Medicine Field (home of the Kane County Cougars), followed by food, beer, refreshments, music, activities for children and a classic car show! This unique event was started by a group of local women whose lives have been touched by scleroderma

About scleroderma

Scleroderma is a chronic, often progressive, autoimmune disease - like lupus or multiple sclerosis - in which the immune system attacks its own body. It causes hardening of the skin and can also damage internal organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys. Approximately 300,000 people in America are estimated to have scleroderma; 80% of them are women. The cause of scleroderma is still unknown and the most severe cases can become fatal.