2017 Stepping Out - Boardman, OH (Ohio Chapter)

           Pat getting around on her Segway!
Pat getting around on her Segway!

Team Pat Daniels

Greetings to our wonderful family, friends & supporters!

...this year is no different than our previous year's request...we need your support!

Eleven years ago, Pat first became so incredibly sick, physically incapacitated and filled with fear.  Eeven years ago today, she was still not diagnosed...eventually she would be diagnosed with this unheard of horrible disease "Scleroderma".

This is our 10th year for having Team Pat D in this walk!  We hope you will want to walk again with "Team Pat D" on Saturday June 3rd at Boardman Park. Thank you for your monetary donations to help find a cure through research, educate the public and provide support to scleroderma patients. We certainly appreciate your prayers and positive encouragement.

Two ways to donate: Use the link on the top right to make a secure donation - or send a check made out to the Scleroderma Foundation to Casey Durkin at 3111 Coleridge Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118. This web site was a new format last year; we were disappointed that it suggests amounts - there is a blank to fill in your own amount - there is no donation that is too small! With this organization, every dollar makes a huge difference!

Which brings our story full circle: You may remember that Pat weathered a full year of daily chemotherapy (thanks to the research that has been done) that helped slow the disease. Pat intends to be a Scleroderma survivor and with your help, hopes to see a cure within her lifetime.       Questions? Email Casey at kcaseydurkin@gmail.com or Pete at daniels.peterj@gmail.com

SCLERODERMA FACTS:  Sclero-what you say? Well, in a nut shell, scleroderma (aka systemic sclerosis) is an extremely rare chronic auto-immune disease where the body mistakenly attacks its own skin, joints, blood vessels, stomach lining, lungs and other vital internal organs, replacing healthy tissue with inflamed, inflexible scarred "fibrous" tissues. Such fibrosis can eventually result in kidney, lung and/or heart failure, not to mention a whole host of other problems Pat lives with now. Thus far Pat has dealt with scarring in her skin, lungs, heart and, constant gastrointestinal dysfunction.

It is estimated that about 300,000 people in the US (out of +300 million) suffer from scleroderma - the bodily systemic "diffuse" disease type affects about 1/3 of these folks, who usually experience the disease in its much more aggressive form, which makes Pat unfortunately special since she has the progressive diffuse version of the disease. It is hard to remember back ten years ago...we were all so afraid and overwhelmed.

Scleroderma has no cure as the disease's cause has not yet been determined. The best we can hope for is symptomatic relief.

There are extremely bright and dedicated professionals out there trying to discover why scleroderma happens and how to make it stop. The problem is that 1) there are not many researchers dedicated to curing Scleroderma because 2) the disease is not wide spread or well-know which means that 3) not much money is donated or available to increase the number of researchers and studies needed to find a cure...

Thank you for your continued support.  

Thank You for being such good friends and part of the "Team Pat D. " family.

All our love, The Daniels, Durkin and Barden Families

P.S. Please forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate!

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