Stampede Scleroderma - Detroit, Michigan

Kicks for Hicks

Thank you for visiting our KICKS for HICKS team page.  We are so excited to be participating in this event for the fifth year!! We hope you will join us for this amazing event!! Come on, what are you waiting for?!?!

Kicks for Hicks is a team of people who are part of my support system.  You see years ago when I was diagnosed with this rare, potentially fatal disease, I knew one thing... I couldn't "do scleroderma" alone.  So after crying, grieveing, and accepting I had this thorn in my side for life, I decided the best thing I could do for myself is build a strong support system & educate those around me.  It's so hard understanding a disease when you have not experienced it yourself.  However, I continue to communicate to my support system and even strangers what I (and others) endure.  Doctors, nutritionists, pastors, massage therapists, teachers, support group members, old & new friends, my past and present church families, neighbors, nurses, PTA Moms & my amazing family are just some of the people who help me fight in my day to day life!   You can see how blessed I am! 

I also believe that awareness is key!  So if you are unable to join our team, donate or participate in this event, you can help this cause by simply learning about scleroderma and passing the information on to others.  Scleroderma effects not only me, but also my Father, Ron Harworth, and many other close friends both local and around the country.  I hope you can see how passionate this team is about scleroderma and ending this disease.  Thank you for your support in whatever role it may be!  Hope to see you at the zoo!!! 

Hugs & Love, Sheri Hicks, scleroderma survivor since 2007


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