2017 Stepping Out - Geneva, IL (Greater Chicago Chapter)

Esmeralda's Team

Thank you for visiting my Team Fundraising page to support the "Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma" event!

I am a newly diagnosed patient of Systemic Limited Scleroderma and of course I wasn't happy about the diagnosis, but I was glad to know what I suffer from so I can take the right steps to correct it or learn to live my life like the time before I was diagnosed. I have been waiting for a diagnosis for a couple of years and it finally came when I began to develop an ulcer on my middle finger that would not go away. More tests, more doctors, more symptoms, more medication...it sucks! I don't look sick, but I wear gloves indoors, in the summer, just about everywhere because of my Raynauds. I feel like I drink about a gallon of water with every meal because I have difficulty swallowing due to the narrowing of my esophagus, no matter how small I chew my food. Heartburn, acid reflux or what patients of Sclerderma know it as Esophageal dysfunction is a real pain in the....throat! I don't have it half as bad as some, yet there are times I can't seem to get out bed. This wasn't me...I love to run, workout, dance, volunteer, and spending time with my family is my biggest joy and I don't ever want to be too sick to lose that!

I thank God everyday for not only the best family but the very best support team around! Thank you to the very best daughter Angelina and my husband Nick for having to change a few things so I can get better, and the never ending support I get from them and my sisters Dee, Gigi, Dani, My mom Cathy, my aunts Mary, Ani, and Belinda, my nieces and nephews Calvyn Tyler, Angelica, Brianna, Yesenia, Alexia, and Christian, and if course my brother in law Joe, for always having my back! I love you all!

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