Advocates on Steps of Congress 2013
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Scleroderma Conference Videos

Scleroderma can be a tough disease to diagnose for many reasons. One reason is that you could also be dealing with some other “overlapping conditions.” In this video, Dr. Tamiko Katsumoto will discuss these conditions that can be associated with scleroderma.

Scleroderma, as with many other illnesses, can cause financial hardships and issues with getting the treatment that you need. This workshop by attorney Jennifer Fry discusses the disability process.

One of the most common questions scleroderma patients have is whether or not the disease is genetic or caused by some other factors. Renowned scleroderma researcher Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick explores this topic in the following video.

Every year the Scleroderma Foundation commits an average of $1 million dollars to the research effort. Join some of these doctors here as they go over the latest information about research in scleroderma.

When people are new to a disease and they begin to educate themselves about it, it can be easy to find straight forward information about how it will affect them physically. What about the day to day? How can a patient live with this disease and not let it control their lives? Join Jim Lemons Ed.D. as he explores what it really means to “Live with a Chronic Illness”

Seth Ginsberg, a patient advocate, who also is the co-founder and president of Creaky Joints, an arthritis advocacy organization, has joined us as a speaker at the last two conferences. This first video "A Call to Action", explores what it means to be a patient advocate.

This second video featuring Seth explores how advancements in technology has changed the way people live with a disease. Join Seth and Dr. Roger Levy who checked in with us from Brazil, as they look at how new communication efforts have changed healthcare.

Linda McNamara, RN, MBA, and Karen Kemper, MSPH, PhD presented the closing keynote in Atlanta. The speakers recently authored the popular book titled, "If You Have to Wear an Ugly Dress, Learn to Accessorize: Guidance, Inspiration, and Hope for Women with Lupus, Scleroderma, and Other Autoimmune Illnesses." The video below teaches positive life management strategies for living with a chronic illness, as well as explores how these two women dealt with their respective diseases.