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I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma in Jan. 2000 at the age of 37.

This diagnosis was pretty devastating while trying to continue to work and raise a child. It all began with the swelling of my feet and hands, then soon my whole body blew up like a balloon! Then came the intense joint and muscle pain and the Raynaud's and cough, cough, cough!! I spent quite some time in and out of the hospital being treated for "Pneumonia". Then finally after a lung biopsy it was discovered that I had developed lung fibrosis and it was not in fact "Pneumonia".

Wasn't long till just walking across the room took all the breath I had, so I started the search for a Dr. who was more knowledgeable in Scleroderma and Praise the Lord I found one!! When I almost crawled into his office, he took one look and said I was in the nick of time! After high doses of steroids and some chemo, things started to look up! I was able to continue working and raise an amazing son! I still take enough meds to equal a satisfying breakfast every morning, but whatever it takes I take! And I have a great group of Doctors, Yes and "Ologist" for every part of my body. Now other than dealing with the Raynaud's, digestive, heart, lung, arthritis, and adrenal issues.....Life is good!

They say that "Attitude is everything"....well it's not always easy to have a positive attitude, but it sure does help! So to all my fellow Sclerodermians......When the day is just not going your way....scream at the top of your lungs or throw something...Whatever works for YOU! My outlook on the situation, drink & play every day that you can! And on the days that you just can't, well then find someone to have sympathy on you and pamper you...You deserve it!


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