Strength through adversity

Diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2005 and faced with testing, diagnosis, not knowing, care providers, experimentation, and searching for solutions has focused my attentions and to discovering strength of an inner self.


After extensive testing in 2005 followed by being told in an impersonal phone call from a doctor of the term "Scleroderma" I was left with many questions. I had never heard of the disease. Immediately I did some on-line searches for the definition, prognosis, treatments and on and on. I printed my findings, most of which sounded grim. I went home to confront my family. My wife, son and daughter and I were all left with many questions.

Coaching sports, exercise, playing guitar, and many other leisure’s in life had become almost impossible at this point.

I visited specialists who poked, prodded, measured elasticity, performed repeated PFTs, CT scans, physical therapy, followed by chemo for a year, recommendations for experimental drugs etc. …  

In hind sight, seven years later and 55, I believe if I had opened myself to networking amongst other people of dis-Abilities sooner I would been apprised of my destiny much sooner. I find myself much more involved with family, community, volunteering and in the areas of my strengths and have become more focused in the arts, visual communications, photography, etc. There is also a part of me that has opened up to the spiritual side as many of us do in different respects.

I keep moving forward and every day that I am able to tie my shoes becomes a good to better day.


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