The Wolf

I was diagnosed at age 12 with Scleroderma. I have had so many test done and in and out of the hospital that it got tiring for me. I was only 12 it was alot for me. I had to grow up fast making grown up decisions on the kinds of treatment I should do.

The WolfI want people to be aware of Scleroderma. When I was diagnosed had no clue what it was. So many different test they had no way to identify it. As a child of course I hated to get stuck with a needle but that was the only way to could indentify it. It would have been alot easier if there was a different way. Being sick made me stronger looked at life a different way, I love to find a cure so others like me wouldn't have to go throught what I had to go through. I wouldn't want anyone to have that kind of pain. I see this as a gift making people aware of what this is and what it does.


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