We have nothing to lose but all to gain for trying

I have never heard of scleroderma until my brother told me he has it and there is no cure.

I question what causes scleroderma and read all about it. In my findings, I noted that an uncle once had it and today the scleroderma is no more on him or affecting him. Scleroderma is believe to be two types and this is a believe by people from my great grand-mothers village (the Orogu people of Nigeria, West Africa). I had to visit and note if this is true. Before my visit to the village, I went to see my brothers condition and how the scleroderma has affected him: his body color and fingers all look different.

Now knowing his condition, I took my vacation and visit my great grand-mothers village.  My long lost family members were glad to see me and after all introduction, I told them my reason for the visit. before I could finish my words, the elder of my Orogu family, told me what was the problem with my brother and the cause of the problem (scleroderma) and that they have the cure.  I was so surprise and taken aback, when one of the teenagers told me the type of scleroderma. Scleroderma is either as a result of body fluid contact from man’s best friend (dog) which is the most common type or from body fluid contact with the lizard  family of Iguana.  I have told my brother of my finding and ask that he visit our great grand-mother’s village in August 2012 with me to get the cure. He is yet to make up his mind, for he believes what his doctors has told him that there is no cure and they do not know the cause of scleroderma.

All I want is volunteers from the medical community to look into this or someone with scleroderma to make the visit to the village.  Less I forget, my uncle got his cure from our great grand-mother’s village. We have nothing to lose but all to gain for trying.


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