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Persons with systemic sclerosis needed for research study to evaluate an internet self- management program

Researchers from the Universities of New Mexico and Michigan and the Medical University of South Carolina are seeking participants for a study to evaluate a self- management program for people with systemic sclerosis.

To be eligible, you must have been diagnosed with limited or diffuse systemic sclerosis, be 18 years of age, possess basic computer literacy and have access to a computer with Internet and email capabilities, be able to communicate in written English, reside in the United States, and be willing to compete the study protocol.

You will complete a packet of questionnaires at 3 points in time: before the intervention, after the intervention is completed and 6 months later. You will be randomly assigned to an internet intervention group or a control group. If you are assigned to the internet group, you will access and complete the internet self-management program at home over a 16 week time period and participate in the Discussion board. If you are assigned to the control group, you will receive an educational book written by an expert on systemic sclerosis; at the end of the study, you will also have the chance to access the internet self- management program.

For more information about the study and the eligibility requirements please contact Jennifer Serrano at (preferred) or 734- 232-2119.


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