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My name is Lenora

Hello my name is Lenora Lawhorn. Back in 2000 I was diagnosed with this devastating disease. At this time I knew nothing about it.

What made me go to the doctor was that I was having pain in my muscles legs, arms pretty much every where.  My father has R.A. which that is what I figured I had.  Test were done and there it was Scleroderma.   For a few years my systems were not bad, but since the last 4 years that has changed.

It has now effected my lungs I now have COPD-chronic Bronchitis, Mu Thyroids are effected, and the worse is my esophagus is destroyed.  I cannot swallow certain foods mostly everything, food get struck and then I have to go and throw up and if I do that 2-3 times a day then I will do it for days and then have to go to hospital to get fluids.  Now what I mostly eat is mashed potatoes, gravy, rice, ice cream, pop cycles, no meat unless I grinned it up to tiny pieces, but that taste awful.  I try to drink a lot of fluids.  My medication some has been changed to liquids and some I have to crush. 

My doctor has pretty much told me that I am starving to death.  I have no energy, the depression is terrible and even at time I do not want to continue to live.  I am going through Hell with this disease.  I cry a lot, and I pray a lot.  Thank God the only thing it hasn't attacked yet is my kidneys.

Well right now this is pretty much I have to say about this awful disease.

I would like to know how some of you are handling this disease, I sure could use some advise.

Thank You and God Bless

 Lenora Lawhorn


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