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Faces of Scleroderma: Erica and Emily

As identical twins, Emily and Erica grew up doing everything together. But the bond between these sisters became even stronger three years ago when both were diagnosed with the same form of scleroderma within a week of each other.

Erica and Emily twinsEmily and Erica are the only known case of identical twins diagnosed with the same form of scleroderma in the world. Because of the phenomenon, the family has offered to be part of genetic studies.

It wasn’t long before the twins’ story made headlines in the local newspaper, drawing the attention of others in the community. People in the community, also living with scleroderma, reached out to the family. The girls’ mother Stacy was encouraged to attend one of the many scleroderma educational events sponsored by the Greater Chicago Chapter.

For Stacy, this was an unbelievable opportunity. “The Scleroderma Foundation provided me with the information and tools to not only help my two girls but also help others living with the disease,” she said. “For the first time, I felt supported through a community and empowered as a mom and an advocate. When you have support and each other, you have hope.”

You can help provide support to families just like Erica and Emily’s. When you become a member of the Scleroderma Foundation, you help everyone living with the disease find hope. Learn more today >>


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