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Faces of Scleroderma: Cynthia Maxwell

Cynthia Maxwell wears her scleroderma like a badge of honor.

Cynthia Maxwell photo“When I was first diagnosed at 18, I went from relief in having a name for my distress, to shock, disbelief, self-pity, blame, anger and denial.” That denial prevailed for many years until her father unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Day in 2007.

“The tragic loss made me realize that I needed to embrace life, and that meant facing my disease.”

Cynthia desperately hoped to find other patients to talk with. She sought the support of the Scleroderma Foundation, and worked to form a support group in Charleston, South Carolina in 2008. Through the support group, Cynthia has become a more empowered patient full of knowledge and confidence. She is inspired by patients – young and old – who work together to get through the ups and downs of this complex disease.

“The doctors tell us what to expect from our disease, what medications to take, but it’s the Foundation and its network of support, that inspires us about how to live. Through this support, many of us have learned to look forward to today, to tomorrow, to next week, and to next year.”

You can help provide support to patients just like Cynthia. When you give a gift, you help the Scleroderma Foundation provide valuable programs, like our support groups, that are a beneficial lifeline for people living with the disease. Make a difference today.


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