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Message to the State for our service members

I could not believe that our VA is so behind on Scleroderma that they would have a nurse determine my future from a web site and override a Dr.'s findings.

I am currently in the 190 ARW Forbes Field KS. This Oct would be 15 years I have been in the military. I was diagnose with Raynaud's in 2006 alone with Scleroderma. I was not made aware of Scleroderma until 2011 when my body functions completely changed. I am being medically evaluated from the active duty due to Raynaud's, Scleroderma and other medical conditions secondary to Scleroderma . When I went to my initial VA exam in Topeka the VA nurse stated that she never heard of Scleroderma and that she would have to look up my condition on the web site. This is the review that agrees or disagrees with any medical conditions that the member is trying to claim for disability. 2 months came back with the initial findings and determine from a web site that her knowledge overrides the specialist that I am going to. Point is that our own medical is not well educated in Scleroderma but somehow they are determining our futures. My future. The military does not have the knowledge and the State of KS does not have the knowledge to assist me and my children or any other members that may fall behind me. This is why you must support this bill. Educate, support, and assist.


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