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Scleroderma Foundation, Scleroderma Research Foundation and Scleroderma Society of Canada join forces during June's Scleroderma Awareness Month

scleroderma aware icon.jpgWhat if we – the Scleroderma Foundation community – could have an impact on making scleroderma more known this June? What if we were able to put our friends and family members, and their friends, and their friend’s friends to work for our cause using social media? What if we were able to join forces with other scleroderma organizations to make this happen?

HWHD Web.pngThe three leading of North American scleroderma advocacy and research organizations -- Scleroderma Foundation, Scleroderma Research Foundation and Scleroderma Society of Canada -- joined forces during June’s Scleroderma Awareness Month, with a social media campaign to compel more people to learn more about the little-known and often misunderstood disease.

Do you know what scleroderma means? Scleroderma comes from two Greek words—“sclero” meaning hard and “derma” meaning skin. The word literally means “hard skin,” which is the most common symptom of scleroderma. But it’s more than skin deep. Learn more at

ashton cooper awareness month.jpg

The campaign is named “Hard word. Harder disease.” The theme touches on the complexity of the word and the gravity of scleroderma, a rare disease with no known cause or cure. It will run across partner Facebook and Twitter channels (#hardword) throughout the month of June, with visuals and copy that educate and challenge people to take a pledge to learn more. A microsite,, serves as the landing page for the pledge and general information about scleroderma with links to additional resources.

“Our strategy is to compel those who are not immediately impacted by scleroderma to relate to the disease, and therefore be more likely to empathize,” said Robert J. Riggs, chief executive officer for the Scleroderma Foundation. “To this end, the messaging will attempt to make an emotional connection with anyone who encounters it—particularly those who may know little or nothing about it.”

HWHD billboard.pngThe campaign will leverage key opportunities throughout the month, notably World Scleroderma Day on June 29. The campaign also complements a digital billboard on 42nd Street in New York City that will run June 4 to July 15.

YOU can be involved. Your commitment to help by sharing the Scleroderma Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter posts on your personal page or via personal Tweets will help others to learn. You can also share through your Instagram, Linked-In or other social media channels.

Please share and make a difference.


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