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The Journey

I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma about 4 years ago. The challenges are many and support is not to be found. There are no support groups in my area.

When I fell on my deck I thought maybe my leg had gone to sleep. Two days later the other leg collapsed. It wasn't until I couldn't straighten my arm that I thought I should see a doctor. They told me I was stressed and depressed and put me on prozac. Meanwhile, my symptoms kept worsing and I was getting very scared. The doctors thought I had MS or connective tissue disease. It wasn't until a skin biopsy that I was correctly diagnosed.

Since then it has been a challenge to do what use to come easily to me. Walking is painful. The sores on my hands make it hard to start my car or even turn a key. My energy level is non existant. The one thing that keeps me going is my wonderful family. My husband retired so he could take care of me. My 88 year old mother goes to church daily and prays for me. My children are so very helpful. My grandchildren keep me wanting to go on.


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