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eLetter #845 | December 27, 2019  


Holiday Office Closing, January 1

In observance of New Year's Day, the Scleroderma Foundation National Office will be closed January 1.  Calls to (800) 722-4673 will go to voice mail and will be answered on Thursday, January 2.  Email received at will be replied to on the 2nd, also.  

Happy New Year!


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Where to Turn for Help

Knowing who to turn to for the kind of help you need can make the difference between coping well, or struggling.  The Scleroderma Foundation maintains a reference list of organizations, both governmental and nonprofit, that provide services to assist with different aspects of living with a chronic illness.  

  • Alternative and Complementary Therapy
  • Legal/Social Security Disability
  • Government Agencies
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Medication Assistance
  • Transplatns
  • Veterans


Michigan Webinar 2019 December The First Two Years

Systemic Sclerosis: The First Two Years

Finding out you have scleroderma can be a whirlwind. Tackle the first two years after diagnosis with tips and insights from David Roofeh, M.D., Michigan Medicine Rheumatology Fellowship Training Program.


Capitol Hill Day 2018 Meeting

Rosemary Markoff 
Capitol Hill Day 2018

Who are Your U.S. Representative and Senators?

Maybe you voted for them or maybe you didn't. Doesn't matter. Their job is to represent you. You can find out who your U.S. Representative is, by visiting and entering your zip code. You can find your U.S. Senators (every state has two), at

When you know their names, you can write a letter and ask them to cosponsor National Commission on Scleroderma and Fibrotic Diseases Act of 2019 (House: H.R. 3446; Senate: S. 2477). It's bipartisan and budget-neutral, and if enacted into law, it will coordinate research related to scleroderma and other fibrotic diseases--research already funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The Foundation makes it easy. We drafted letters and we'll hand deliver them! Go to, print the letters, sign, scan, and email them to Or, mail them to Scleroderma Foundation, ATTN: Advocacy, 300 Rosewood Drive, Suite 105, Danvers, MA  01923.


myPHteam Sometimes I Have to Rest


It's a day by day battle. Diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension? Click the link and join myPHteam to share your daily ups and downs, get tips, and answer questions:


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Disclaimer: The Scleroderma Foundation in no way endorses any drugs, treatments, clinical trials, or studies reported in the eLetter. Information is provided to keep the readers informed. Because the manifestations and severity of scleroderma vary among individuals, personalized medical management is essential. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all drugs and treatments be discussed with the reader’s physician(s) for proper evaluation and treatment.

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