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eLetter #631 | November 6, 2015  

Attention San Francisco Residents!

san-franc.jpgWe need your help! Scleroderma Experts will be in San Francisco on November 9th and need help gathering data from patients. Interested in helping?  Check out our Facebook event for more details.

Click here for more details >>

Video: Scleroderma and Incontinence - What You Need to Know

SS-incontinence-play.jpgPaula Erwin-Toth, RN, provides an overview of urinary and fecal incontinence and how it relates to relates to patients living with scleroderma.  This informational session was filmed at the 2015 National Patient Education Conference in Nashville.  

 Click here the entire video >> 





What are Digital Ulcers - Treatment and Info

ulcer.jpgAround 40% of patients with scleroderma develop open sores on their fingertips called digital ulcers.  These ulcers are tightly linked with Raynaud phenomenon and can be an ongoing concern or a short-term complication. A big shoutout goes to the University of Michigan Internal Medicine department for providing us with this information.  

Read more on digital ulcers here >>

National Staff Attends BBCON, Blackbaud Conference, for the Philanthropic Communicty

“We are here to help GOOD take over the world” was the theme of this year’s BBCON conference in Austin, Texas.FullSizeRender.jpg

Blackbaud is the leading provider of nonprofit software and services and is the Scleroderma Foundation’s partner with its web presence and online fundraising and advocacy efforts. 

The Foundation is in good company with many of the largest nonprofits in the world co-partnering with Blackbaud and its leading technology.  Here are just a few of the thousands of organizations that are successfully increasing online donations, executing email fundraising campaigns, managing volunteer fundraising events, and motivating constituents through Blackbaud’s software and services:  Boy Scouts of America, Easter Seals, American Diabetes Foundation, American Red Cross, Susan G. Koman for the Cure, Lupus Foundation, National MS Society, Habitat for Humanity and the Life is Good Foundation.

Tracey O’Connell Sperry, National Director of Development and ResearchFullSizeRender2.jpg and Maureen Zuluaga, Senior Database Administrator along with 2,500 other nonprofit attendees sat in on sessions and interactive workshops such as Harnessing Your Organizations Story, The Future of Nonprofit Technology, the Future of Fundraising, Keep Your Content Weird, Relevant, and Fresh, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Geek Out. The crowd was also treated to a keynote by actress, author, humanitarian, and activist, Ashley Judd. Ms. Judd shared her experiences witnessing firsthand the challenges people around the world are facing and inspired the crowd to take action for our causes.

The Scleroderma Foundation was also recognized at a Blackbaud Breakfast of Champions for its sharing of expertise and guidance to other organizations.


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Disclaimer: The Scleroderma Foundation in no way endorses any drugs, treatments, clinical trials, or studies reported in the eLetter. Information is provided to keep the readers informed. Because the manifestations and severity of scleroderma vary among individuals, personalized medical management is essential. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all drugs and treatments be discussed with the reader’s physician(s) for proper evaluation and treatment.

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